Let us show you how to find joy, balance and profitability in small business ownership.

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Namaste, friend!

Hi! I’m Brittany! I am an entrepreneur, business coach and yogi. I want to change the way America values small business by working with business owners to help cultivate conscious communities, radiate the positive effects of a living a conscious lifestyle and running a conscious business.


A yogic-approach to business

With online courses and training, a robust community and experienced mentors you can create a more harmonious and intentional lifestyle as a yogi-preneur.

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An immersion-style course is a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join one of our communities.

10 Week Conscious Business Immersion

Find more joy in entrepreneurship and small business management. Learn to build a profitable business, maintain work-life balance, and build long-term value. 


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Gain unlimited access to our mastermind, business network, studio resources, trainings, discounted courses and special events. It’s the fastest way to run a thriving yoga studio and live a thriving lifestyle. 




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